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I'm Rex Zou, a creator and co-founder works at RZD and inTsh Studio.

What we do

3 years ago, I created a personal domain - It worked very success, but it was very complicated. I put many useless items on the page. After several months later, too many sub-menu what I set. 2 years ago, I stopped that domain, cleaned many main links and sub links. After my long time thinking, I knew I should create a new domain, not only show my job, but also connected the relationship with all mainly clients. Then, was created.

In order to remember very easily, I called rexzoudesign as RZD. In my mind, "Design" is not only for designing things, it is a massive area for my main job. "Getting things more and more pretty" is my "Design" theory. Whatever photography, public space, architecture and design products I was involved in, it has to follow my theory. 

RZD was established on 15th June, 2016. I refreshed the pages and main html 2-3 times. When you surf the website now, it is the final layout at this year what I designed. Photography is my main work in RZD, but architecture researching and analyzing are still very important for me and my team.

By the way, I still wanna talk about inTsh Studio. inTsh, the full name is Inner-Technology-Shadow. I worked this studio at the beginning of year 2017, as a co-founder and design principal in China marketing. inTsh is my new baby, we analyze and research Lighting Technique, fabricate new lighting products. I am now starting to create new introduction and website for inTsh Studio. Please keep in touch with this project.


My Shooting

I did't know how many photographs I took, but I like them all. I use this counting calculation help me remember all goals.


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